Schönes Bauen Lyon Induction Cooktop Countertop Double Zone 1800W(120V)    PORTABLE
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Schönes Bauen´s Lyon Induction Cooktop is the perfect solution for portable needs in any kitchen it can be storage and easy to transport. The thermal shock black glass cover has a glossy design that incorporates water resistant touch controls. The material of the cover allows it to be easily cleaned. Schönes Bauen models allow precise control of temperature and time which makes it easy to cook food. Is a double zone induction and works at 110/120 V just plug and play!.

Double Induction Zone 

Induction Diameter: 18.5cm/7 inches 

Electric input: 110/120V  50/60 Hz

Surface: Thermal Shock Black Glass

Controls: Waterproof touch controls

LED Display

Energy consumption: Minimum 300 W per hour and up to 1500 max per hour

Weight: 5.4kg/12 lbs

  • Supports up to 15kg/33lbs per zone

  • Easy to clean

  • Boils in seconds



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Adjustable temperature from : 60 C° to 240 C° / 140 F° to 460 F°

Programmable timer from  1 a 170 min

Touch sensor block function

EAN: 7503017714593

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